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Spring is still a few months away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about repairing your lawn after the winter. Learn what how to treat snow mold.

Gray Snow Mold

Gray snow mold appears in circular patches of flattened, discolored grass with a gray web of fungus growing over top.  Typically, it only damages the blades of grass, not getting down into the roots.

Pink Snow Mold

Pink snow mold looks like red, brown or orange spots.  These spots grow as winter progresses until they take over large portions of your lawn.  This type of mold can kill the crowns and roots of your grass.

Ways to Prevent Snow Mold

Proper lawn maintenance in fall can help prevent the appearance of snow mold in the spring.  Here are ways to help:

  • Fungicide treat your lawn
  • Don’t over water your lawn in the fall
  • Continue to mow your lawn in the fall
  • Clear piles of leaves and snow.
  • Call Turf Medics to help!

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