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Lawn Care Manassas, VA

Lawn Care Manassas Virginia Service

Looking to make a great impression with your lawn in Manassas, Virginia?  Make a positive impact on the area to the history lovers with a beautiful lawn from Turf Medic’s high-quality lawn care services in VA. We make it easy to obtain fast, cost-effective lawn service in Manassas. 

Manassas has a rich history and was the site of the first significant battle of the American Civil War—Battle of Bull Run and home to a historic railroad crossing, Manassas Junction. With this rich history comes sightseers to visit the area. Get started today with a free quotation for lawn care services such as turf fertilization, aeration, overseeding, and insect and weed control.


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Turf Medic Lawn Maintenance Service Manassas, VA

Manassas is a bustling suburban community that relishes family weekends and those few spare outdoor moments available due to the majority of the population’s heavy work schedule. Homeowners of Manassas understand the importance of home care and do not want their lawns neglected. We know homeowners are eager to achieve that beautiful visual needed to enjoy their outdoor space stress-free. Turf Medic LLC is your answer to that award winning curb appeal!

Looks like your neighbors lawn was featured on a magazine’s home and garden cover? If you look at your lawn, is it depressing and all you see are weeds and missing grass patches? Would you like this award-winning lawn with a big curb appeal?  We can help, just make a call to us.

Professional Lawn Care Company in Manassas, VA

We know our skilled technicians make your already healthy lawns even better!  By adding missing nutrients and balancing the soil, you will be amazed at the results. Designing a lawn care plan that is specific to your turf, we will work arduously to eradicate any conditions or diseases that may be impacting your lawn in Manassas. Our all-inclusive lawn programs from Turf Medic include all the equipment you need to protect your lawn properly. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Services Include:

Lawn Weed Control and Prevention Services in Manassas

Regardless of how much you mow over weeds to put them out of sight, their seeds seem to continue to spread. Virginia is known to have the common weeds of Dandelion, Oxalis, Spotted Spurge and Buttonweed that can take over your healthy lawn and create havoc. We will focus on eradicating the weeds permanently by combining two treatment options to ensure maximum control of weeds in your lawn: pre-emergent and post-emergent using liquid application.

Lawn Care Virginia

Lawn Care

Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control

Additionally, to help you develop turf that is naturally more competitive against disease, insects and weeds, your lawn service specialist may recommend that you add some additional
lime. Mosquitos and other grubs and insects that carry potential hazards to you and your family may be lurking around your yard where they breed and hide. STOP the need for uncomfortable repellents. Our experts can devise an insect control plan that’s right for you.

Take back control of your healthy lawn in Manassas today!

Professional Lawn Fertilization Manassas Services

Why is fertilization so important? Lawn fertilization in Manassas provides the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grasses. Additionally, a healthy, strong lawn, also, helps prevent weed infestations, drought and disease. Healthy lawns can trap and absorb urban dust and pollution, cool the air during hot weather as well as provide extra oxygen. Show your lawn some extra love and it will provide you with love right back.

Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn Care Fertilization

Our system for turf fertilization in Manassas, Virginia is programmed to ensure long-term results. Using our Turf Medic engineered, custom fertilization program we sequence a mixed application that is applied in the spring then switched in the warmer months to maintain the lush, green lawn. This includes Bermuda Grass control and corrective lime application as needed. As the seasons change we reinforce the needs of the lawn to set the stage for the next year.


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