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Lawn Care Prince William County, VA

Lawn Care Prince William County Virginia Service

Do you want to entertain outside, but dread your friends and family seeing your lawn? Stop feeling frustrated, and get ready to admire your year-round social space with a lush lawn you can enjoy barefooted.  Breathe a sigh of relief when you call Turf Medic LLC. We make it easy to get the affordable and easy lawn care service in Prince William County, VA that you deserve. Assessing insect control, weed control and turf disease—we will have your space ready to enjoy.


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Turf Medic Lawn Maintenance Service Prince William County, VA

Prince William County, VA is no stranger to fertile soil and green landscapes as it is located on the Potomac River. And, being the second most populous county in Virginia, it is certain that curb appeal and homeownership play an important role. Addressing your lawncare issues increases your home’s value by improving its outdoor aesthetic and makes it more inviting. 

Our full service lawn care proudly serves the homeowners and businesses of Prince William County, VA. If you are ready to let your lawn draw the eye of neighbors or even prospective buyers while staying within your budget, we can provide the maintenance you need to keep it looking great. Our team will carefully assess your property to pinpoint the yard’s specific needs. We are committed to giving you professional quality work. It’s time to get started!

Professional Lawn Care Company in Prince William County, VA

Turf Medic LLC only uses the finest products and procedures. Our extensive experience has shown us that our clients are often pressed for time. We want to significantly reduce the stress and hassle of maintaining your lawn. Our all-inclusive lawn programs include all the equipment you need to protect your lawn properly. Get a fast quotation for services. We are your solution for professional lawn care services in Prince William County, VA.

Our Services Include:

Lawn Weed Control and Prevention Services in Prince William County

Lawn weed control for Prince William County, VA is unique to other areas, and requires an analysis to determine the targeted treatment necessary. Growing conditions are ideal for a multitude of turfs and grasses. You may have wild violet, nutsedge or spotted spurge which may require specific regimen.

Lawn Care Virginia

Lawn Care

Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control

Our lawn treatment approach targets the areas that need weed control in your lawn. There are two treatment options for weed control that are used by our lawn treatment specialists: pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control using a liquid application.

Your Turf Medic expert will combine all treatments to ensure maximum control of weeds in your lawn. To help you develop turf that is naturally more competitive against disease, insects and weeds, your lawn service specialist may recommend that you add some additional

Professional Lawn Fertilization Prince William County Services

In order to stay green and healthy, lawns need to be fertilized regularly. In Prince William County, VA many lawns don’t get all the nutrients they need naturally. To ensure these long-term results we have engineered custom fertilization programs to achieve optimal grown and health for your lawn all year long. Our system for lawn fertilization in Prince William County, VA is a sequence of custom-mixed applications that we apply from spring. We switch our blends as the warmer months approach. It is essential to repeat an application of rich nutrients to attain the deep green color and lush density.

Turf grass requires at least 16 nutrients for normal growth and development. The exact quantity needed varies by organism, soil coalition and environment. Our expert evaluate your property and make specific recommendations for unique needs of your turf environment.  We provides a wide range of additional lawn Fertilization services in Prince William County, VA such as

Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn Care Fertilization

  1. Corrective Lime Application 
  2. Bermuda Grass Control

The benefits of regular fertilization:

  1. Fewer insects
  2. Fewer weeds
  3. Thicker grass to reduce run-off
  4. Greater resistance to disease, drought and other stressors

To ensure long-term results, we have engineered our custom fertilization programs. So while growing grass is reinforced by spring and summer applications, fall applications are all about setting the stage for next year.



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