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Aera-vation and Overseeding services in Northern Virginia, MD, and PA

Aera-vation Benefits

Aera-vation, our specialized aeration service, provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone. Aerating your lawn helps reduce thatch accumulation and alleviate compaction.

Overseeding Benefits

Add overseeding to help thicken thin and bare areas and to introduce new and improved grass varieties to your existing turf. If you are wanting a lush, green lawn that the neighbors will envy, core aeration and overseeding can provide lasting results.

Turf Medic is dedicated to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their lawn care. Contact us to learn more about our services and let us create a custom package to meet your needs and budget.

he video on the left is produced by the Dirt Monkey Academy on youtube. He is not affiliated with Turf Medic, but he does a great job explaining why the Ventrac Aera-vation/overseeding process give superior results.