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During the winter your lawn is greatly affected by the elements. When the cool temperatures arrive, many homeowners start to notice their lawns turning brown. Just like any other species, grass plants must adapt to survive. When the winter hits, your grass doesn’t die, but it does become dormant (essentially goes to sleep!) to preserve scarce resources. Dormancy is a natural part of the turf growth cycle. Come spring, your grass will be back to its former vibrancy.

Have you prepped your lawn for winter but still see discoloration? Don’t worry. Like leaves, grass also experiences some color changes this time of year. Here’s what to watch for and what to do if you see winter grass brown spots. While some grass will brown naturally, there are ways to help prevent grass from browning prematurely or doing further damage to dormant lawns.
  • Clear leaves and ornaments.
  • Limit foot traffic.
  • Only cut when necessary.

Lawn care year round is important for a beautiful lawn.  Contact Turf Medics to set up an appointment for lawn care services.